Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Other Thing I Do That Takes Up Most Of My Day That Is NOT Drawing Bunnies.

So I have this day job... The work I do there is much different than the art I make for Kraken. I mostly animate monsters running around in circles and dying. I think we're making a game or something.

I animated the incredible hulking man beasts in this clip. Look at those fools. TWO FACES! So you probably enjoy slapping around monsters with one face in video games right? Go ahead and DOUBLE THAT buddy!
Holy Guacamole.

I animated the lizardy things in this one. I think the story behind this shot is these little guys are just lying around dying of thirst. So these wandering vagabonds give them a drink! I really like how this game is more about hugs than thugs!

I work with a lot of great animators, artists, other dudes, and office managers at Arena Net. Check out more amazing monkey business HERE!