Sunday, September 14, 2008

"What Kraken Studios Did This Summer Instead of Work..." SPECIAL REPORT!

Hey Kids!

Have a nice Summer?

Kraken had a pretty bumpy Summer this year. We lost a business partner, suffered a crippling blow to our computer network (laptop down!), and experienced some outrageous lawyer fees... You know, fun business type stuff. BUT WAIT!!!! There were good times too!

San Diego Comic Con with some good buds...
Me and Bobby chillin' with Chris!

Scott and the boys at the Fleet Street booth.

Ordinary San Diego street scene?

close up reveals...

HiJinks at the Bumbershoot beer garden!...
Hanging out with some sober friends!

More sober friends!

Godzilla Mayhem at the backyard debut of the Twin Tikis Drive-In...
The Twin Tikis screen is 16 feet wide! Mechagodzilla was practically LIFE SIZE on this beast!!!

Twin Tiki photos by photo legend DC!

So goodbye Summer. Thanks for all the precious memories. Maybe we'll think about making something now...


Tirzah said...

I'm happy to see an update Trevor! I totally beat you at the "Beer Challenge" at Bumbershoot. Just admit it!

Keep the updates rollin!

Bobby Pontillas said...

ALL of these photos should be t-shirt designs!

I would pay any price for "Inappropriate Spiderman".

Matt said...

I still have a strong feeling I could take you and Tirzah down in a proper drinkin' contest. I would just need a few training montages to get ready.

What was it like touching Chris Sanders?

Jocelan Thiessen said...

haha wow spiderman's hand seems to have stuck his web on a poor girls bum! Looks like you had a blast! git to work!! hehee