Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sprinkles. A Horrifying Tale of Survival.

Most people don't know about Kraken Island. It's tiny. It's also on the back of a giant Kraken which kind of scares away tourists.

But what scares people even more than a giant sea monster is Kraken Island's big sister... Voodoo Island! Voodoo Island is full of super scary stuff. I'll get into all that another day but just know the spiders there are really really big.

But despite being an evil land filled with bubbling lava, spooky ghosts, angry monkeys, and a failed Tiki Lounge, something very cute and colorful thrived on the island...


Very special bunnies. Very excitable bunnies. Little is known about the origin of these cute little fur balls.

What we do know is...

1. They were the only vegetarians on the island (that includes most of the plant life).
2. They were extremely bipolar. The tiniest thing would make them so emotional that their fur actually changed colors depending on their mood!
3. Sadly, they're all but extinct. Well, undead anyway.

The theory is that one of these moody little guys mistook a lump of bad meat for a carrot and got his first taste of blood.

Infected blood.

The infected blood of a monster.

The infected blood of a monster that may or may not have come from Kaiju Planet!

Anyway... upon tasting the meat, all the color was instantly drained from the rabbit. Insanity took over and this poor soul became the hopping undead. A hueless zombie with a burning desire to feast upon his brothers and sisters.


This "Bunny Zero" quickly spread the disease through the entire bunny bunch, turning them all into color thirsty cannibals. Only one managed to escape. By luck or miracle it managed to hop onto a banana leaf, hit the high seas, and eventually washed up on the shore of Kraken Island.

Kamea found the little guy and named him Sprinkles.

(Sad because his family went insane and ate each other.)

All that to say... Bunny cards and prints are on the way!

Just in time for Easter!

...oh damn.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Oh Sprinkles!


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