Thursday, March 3, 2011

ECCC Details

Ahhhhh Crap. I made a pinky swear and then blanked. Well now you know that pinky swears mean very little on Kraken Island.

Thank you for forgiving me so quickly.
Business time.

WHAT?! - Emerald City Comic Convention!
WHEN?! - THIS WEEKEND!!! (March 4th - 6th)
WHERE?! - Washington State Convention Center at table H 13

Then you say... "But Trev. Why should I come visit the Kraken booth?"

Then I say... "Well. Do you like friendly Hawaiian greetings and SUNSHINE?!

Aloha Sun T-Shirts hand screened on high quality American Apparel shirts is the answer.

Are you extremely emotional and wish you had a cartoon rabbit to wear on your chest to tell the world your feelings so you don't have to?


Bunny Buttons are the answer. Now in a refreshing 6 pack!

No boats floating yet? Well this is going to knock your flips off. I heard you dream every night of being a art collecting GIANT.

New MEGA MiNi Prints is the answer!
They're TINY.
They're extremely unLIMITED.

Hand signed and numbered because I needed something to do!

Wait! MORE. You just got a B- in gym class and want to display it properly for Mom and Dad.


Over sized acrylic Bunny Magnets is the answer!
Your refrigerator is going to look 10 years younger. DOUBLE pinky swear.

Wait. I just realized you probably don't like to pay money for things. You should STILL come.


Official Kraken Studios buttons is the answer!

I'm going to just give you one of these even if you don't want one, so clean out that pocket lint and make some room!"

Hey! My friend Doug is going to be at the table too. He's a fancy artist so get your expectations as high as they will go.

Did I forget something? Probably. Come by the show and tell me what it was!


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