Friday, September 2, 2011

GorBot! Destroy!

Concept art for Kraken Studios' first video game - GorBot! Destroy!

Gor used to be 100% Gorilla. He was the most feared beast on Voodoo Island. That's saying a lot because Voodoo Island is covered in scary monsters. (Much more on that later).

Gorillas are always hungry. Gor was no exception. One day with no bunnies or bananas in site, Gor ate a box of hand grenades he mistook for fruit.

Gor exploded.

But wait! A dark figure cloaked in mystery saved and rebuilt Gor.

Now with oil pumping through his gorilla heart, machine guns for arms, and a body of steel... GorBot LIVES!


Unknown said...

this is sweet, if you ever want to hire an intern im your man.

Trevor! said...

I'll remember that Drew!