Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trevor's Treasure Trove

The internet is full of amazing treasures.  My friends and I used to share these treasures with each other with this awesome application called Google Reader.  It was kind of like a "Blog of Blogs".  A little site that would host everything non Kraken Studios related that I found to be amazing. I even had a secret link at the bottom of this blog so strangers could get in on all the awesome treasure I came across.

Unfortunately Google removed the sharing feature from Reader.  Hopefully They'll bring it back some day.  But for now, to fill the gap, I started a Tumblr page called Trevor's Treasure Trove.  It's not as convenient or awesome as sharing through Google Reader was, but I really want my friends (and you!) to see all this fun I keep finding online.

So if you like video games, kaiju, old comics, toys and other really important adult stuff, check out my tumbles.

Trevor's Treasure Trove

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