Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aloha Sun Shirts! Bunny Mini Prints! GORILLA GIRL ON THE LOOSE!?

So I stopped drinking Mai Tais for 2 minutes and put Kraken's very first T-Shirt up on Etsy.
Holy smokes.

I'm pretty proud of these babies. Check out everything they can do...
They're awesome for standing around in.

Want to hold up a big piece of bamboo? Don't even worry about it.

WARNING! These shirts attract fun new friends like crazy.
Look out Justin, that flamingo looks hungry!

These incredible shirts can help you in really scary situations too.
Think about this possible scenario...
"Justin! I'm lost in a endless sea of bamboo jungle. HELP!"

"No way Becca. I'd like to help. BUT I'M LOST TOO!"

"Hold on a second here. We've got our official Aloha Sun T-Shirts! Engage "Panda Nom Functionality" and lets eat our way out of this mess!"

Here's another likely scenario you'll find yourself in sometime soon...
"Tiki Witch Doctor! Why isn't Aloha Sun protecting me?! False advertising Kraken Studios! I want my money back NOW!"

"Oh wait... never mind. Works perfect."

These shirts even makes Gorilla Girl feel beautiful and happy.
Right guys?

- Printed on honest to God real life American Apparel shirts!
-Water based ink used for a soft happy feel!
-SeaFoam colored shirts for the ladies!
-Creme colored shirts for everyone else!

You are going to look incredible in one of these shirts this Summer.

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Rika Manabe Photography said...

HÃ¥kon loves your T-shirt! Thanks, Trevor.